Little 5 Points Chess Camp


To prepare players for their first tournament games and to highlight the positive impact of chess in their lives--Campers will be challenged to learn & make decisions based on their skills as well as the skills of their peers in a variety of chess activities. There will be simulated tournaments with real prizes and we will often play team games (like "Capture the Flag") outside on the green field (a 2 to 3-minute walk from the Community Center). The entry fee is: $200 per Camper.

WHO can Participate:

Any child age 7 to 17. The camp is best suited for those with no tournament experience, and those who have tournament experience but do not have a United States Chess Federation rating over 700.


July 15th thru July 19th

Camp Hours (8:30am to 12:30pm):

Check-in: 8:30am to 9am

Pick-up: 12pm to 12:30pm


Little 5 Points Community Center 1st floor in the "dooley" room @ 1083 Austin Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307


The event will be filmed/photographed.

Please bring a signed copy of the waiver (will be emailed to you after purchase) to check-in on the first day of camp.


On the first day of camp a brief skill assessment or tournament will be conducted to determine the starting skill group for each camper. The order of these activities will likely change throughout the camp, but Lunch will always happen at the time specified below.

From 8:30 till 9am, campers will be monitored in the "dooley" where they will be able to play chess, solve chess puzzles or read chess books until Check-In time ends.

Beginning at 9am each morning, students will be placed into their skill level groups for instruction or guided discussion on a subject appropriate for their ability.

At about 9:20 am, the campers will begin playing chess under the supervision of their assigned coach for the day.

At 10 am, we will walk to the green field for a chess-related game (like capture the flag/King). The rules of the game and a brief explanation of how to think about the expected challenges will be given before play begins.

From about 10:50 till 11:30 am, we'll make our way back to the Community Center, have lunch and watch part of a chess movie or play different variants of chess (like "team chess/bughouse", antichess or "Hands & Brain", etc.)

From 11:30 until noon, A group chess trial where campers will cooperate to solve problems will commence or the camper's assigned coach will guide the group through a series of chess problems.

From Noon until 12:30pm, campers will be monitored in the "dooley" room as they wait for their parents to arrive for pick-up.

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